W|ECO® Folding-Frame Solar Arrow Boards

W|ECO Folding-Frame Solar Arrow Board Trailer

W|ECO® Arrowboards are the most power-efficient in the industry. Innovative engineering makes possible a unique power system that uses smaller, more eco-friendly batteries. The result is a remarkable new technology that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance. W|ECO Arrowboards set the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.

W|ECO Technology

The W|ECO technology consumes less power and uses smaller batteries, resulting in greatly reduced lead content — 80% less, when compared to traditional arrow board batteries.

Additionally, W|ECO batteries are fully sealed and will not leak or spill, which is better for the environment. And because they require no maintenance, W|ECO batteries have a longer useful lifespan, saving costs associated with replacement.

During the manufacturing process, powder coating emits near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) , and nearly all over-spray is reclaimed and reused. Finally, nearly every component can be recycled.

More than just eco-friendly Wanco arrow boards are designed to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.

A heavy-duty winch with safety brake allows one person to raise the arrow board, and a single locking device holds the board in place. Constructed of rigid, tubular steel, all joints are welded. Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged.

In the travel position, Wanco’s unique design fully supports the board without rear braces. As a result, it never strikes another surface during transport. This innovation virtually eliminates the damage that other arrow boards endure.

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Tow hitch

Other options

Some options might not be available for aftermarket installation.


15 lights, 7 arrow patterns


25 lights, 12 arrow patterns

WTSP55-LSA Standard solar array   WTSP55-LSAC Standard solar array
WTSP75-LSA Optional solar array   WTSP75-LSAC Optional solar array
WTSP110-LSA Optional solar array   WTSP110-LSAC Optional solar array




Approx. 1250 lbs. (567 kg)


Trailer MIG-welded, 2.5-inch square steel tubing
Arrow board Aluminum sheet and welded channels
Coating Powder-coated and oven-baked
Axle assembly 2000-lb. capacity tubular axle
5-hole 4.5-inch bolt circle pattern on idler hub
60-inch wheel track
Double eye leaf springs, 1200-lb. capacity per spring
Tires ST205/75 D15


Battery type Leak- and spill-proof valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA)
Battery voltage 12 V dc
Battery capacity 48 Ah total
Number of batteries Two
Solar charging One solar panel
Solar panel regulation Charge regulated by arrow-board controller

Standards compliance

MUTCD type C

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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