Low-Profile Arrow-Board Skid

Low-Profile Arrow-Board Skid

Skid-mounted arrow boards can be affixed to a truck bed or any rigid footing. Skid-mount arrow boards with W|ECO® Technology are the most power-efficient in the industry. They feature low power consumption, a self-contained power supply, and a control module with a 30-foot cable for mounting inside a truck cab or elsewhere.

Pivoting skids employ a heavy-duty hand crank to raise the arrow board from horizontal (travel position) to vertical (display position). The low-profile model is just 56 inches in height when stowed. A standard-height skid is also available.

W|ECO® Technology

The W|ECO technology consumes less power and uses smaller batteries, resulting in greatly reduced lead content — 80% less when compared to traditional arrow boards. Additionally, W|ECO batteries are fully sealed and will not leak or spill, which is better for the environment. And because they require no maintenance, W|ECO batteries have a longer useful lifespan.

With a decrease in power consumption, these batteries take less time to charge — 4 to 5 hours instead of 24 — which not only saves energy but results in less downtime.

The total weight of the battery bank has been reduced 210 pounds. As a result, hauling a W|ECO skid-mounted arrow board saves fuel.

During the manufacturing process, powder coating emits near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nearly all over-spray is reclaimed and reused. Finally, nearly every component can be recycled.

More than just eco-friendly Wanco arrow boards are designed to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and performance in the industry.







Other options

Some options might not be available for aftermarket installation.


15 lights, 7 arrow patterns


25 lights, 12 arrow patterns



Dimensions — inches (cm)


Approx. 520 lbs. (236 kg)


Frame MIG-welded, 2.5-inch square steel tubing
Arrow board Aluminum sheet and welded channels
Coating Powder-coated and oven-baked


Battery type Leak- and spill-proof valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA)
Battery voltage 12 V dc
Battery capacity 48 Ah total
Number of batteries Two
Solar charging One solar panel
Solar panel regulation Charge regulated by arrow-board controller

Standards compliance

MUTCD type C

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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